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Orienteering...More than navigating or roaming the outdoors! Orienteering is a compass and map navigation sport done for exercise and fun. Participants are challenged to find a series of unique three-sided flags hidden on various courses in a park or a forest using only a map, compass, and their wits. The sport is enjoyed by walkers, hikers, runners, and families with kids. All events are timed, but it is up to each participant to decide whether to casually walk a course, or run it like it was their own personal amazing race. Very easy, beginner, and intermediate orienteering courses, along with training on how to use a compass and read a topography map, occur at all New England Orienteering (NEOC) events. 

The New England Orienteering Club is an all volunteer non-profit dedicated to promoting the sport of orienteering. More information on the orienteering schedule is available at www.newenglandorienteering.orgNEOC was founded in 1972 to promote the sport of orienteering and develop suitable maps. Today, NEOC has over 400 members, organizes approximately 40 events per year, and has produced nearly 40 specialized, five color orienteering maps in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and eastern Connecticut.

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