Watch Patriots vs. Seahawks in Superbowl

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This event is full and should only be attended by those that have already RSVP'd. Thank you!

Let's get together to watch the Patriots vs. Seahawks in the Superbowl at BlackFinn in DC. We'll meet up at 5:00 and the game starts at 6:30 PM.

BlackFinn is an awesome venue - as they have great views, food and service. They have multiple huge, HD projector screens in the back bar section and they have several other HD screens throughout their dining sections.

BlackFinn will provide the following specials for our group:

- $18 Bud or Bud Light Towers (holds 6+ pint glasses)
- $22 Shock Top Towers (holds 6+ pint glasses)
- $4 Sam Adams Lager and Seasonal drafts (note, due to promotional agreements, the towers can only be filled with Bud, Bud Light and Shock Top--Sam Adams must be ordered by the glass).
- $4 Shock Top drafts
- $5 Goose Island drafts
- $6 Fireball shots
- $6 Queso Dip with Chips
- $6 Pretzel Bites
- $7 Flatbreads
- $7 Chicken Tenders
- $7 Chicken Quesadillas

Please feel free to bring friends or attend alone; either way you should have a really good time. And PLEASE keep your RSVP current, as the venue will reserve a select number of seats - just for us.

However, it still may be so packed that it becomes standing room only. So, if you require a seat please come very early. In addition to the back bar area, 1/2 of the dining section will be reserved for our group - for a total of about 90 reserved seats. However, if you can stand or want to stand in the back bar area, then please consider offering your seat to someone who may need it more. Thank you!

Additional Logistics:

- If you don't have anyone to sit with or cheer with, join anyone's group. One intent is for us to mix and mingle, so please welcome others to join you too.

- Allen and/or Arthur may be coming around to make sure everyone in the Back Bar has RSVP'd. Please wear your Patriots gear to make it a little easier on us ;-) If we do question you, please don't take it personally, we're just trying to make sure that you and our group come first.

- The number of guests per member is set to 3. However, please feel free to encourage your guests to join, particularly if they'll attend multiple events. Membership is an easy way for all of us to remember names and better enjoy interacting electronically. With that said, if you intend to bring more than 3 guests, please send a note to me directly, and I can adjust your RSVP for you.

- BlackFinn is near the Farragut West and Farragut North metro stations, so if you plan to drink, that would be the way to go. Otherwise, street parking is free and plentiful on Sunday.

- Please write Arthur directly if you have questions or concerns.



A few last minute UPDATES:

- We're going to have a full house! Please share seats (split by quarter for example) if you are able.

- Please tell your server how you want your check done (individual, split by group, etc) the first time you order and then remind them every time you order again. That will help them get it the way you want :-)

- If you're sharing, towers of Bud and Bud Light are $4 per glass with tax and tip and towers of Shock Top are $5 per glass with tax and tip. (Sam Adams Lager and Seasonal are served by the individual glass only and come to $5.25 each with tax and tip.)

See everyone shortly. GO PATRIOTS!