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5:30 - 6:00 PM - Food/Drink and Networking (Sponsored by Chewy) Search Technologies at Chewy This talk will provide an overview of Chewy's current Solr search implementation, what they use it for and the scale of their operations. The presentation will include details on how data and machine learning driven insights are driving incremental revenue through search. From a technology standpoint the talk will touch on ML, NLP and distributed computing at scale. Presenter - Karthikeyan Janakiraman is the VP of Software Engineering at Chewy and a technology leader who has built several scalable distributed data driven systems inclusive of search engines, recommendation engines, master data management platforms, operational data stores, data warehouse and data lakes for e-commerce companies. He is passionate about data, machine learning and distributed computing. The Intersection of Robotics, Search and AI with Solr, MyRobotLab, and Deep Learning This talk will present the integration of MyRobotLab and Solr to power the InMoov robot - the world's first life size humanoid 3D printed open source robot. The InMoov robot was designed by french sculptor Gael Langevin and MyRobotLab was started by software developer Greg Perry. This topic incorporates a variety of technology components (e.g. Solr, robotics, vision services and chatbots). Presenter - Kevin Watters is the founder KMW Technology, a professional services organization based in Boston that develops search, analytics and AI applications. He is a contributor to many open source projects including Solr, JavaCV and MyRobotLab. Thank you to Chewy for hosting and providing food and drink for our meeting.


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"Information Explosion" has been defined as the rapid increase in the amount of published information/data and the effects of this abundance. The New England Search Technologies Group (NEST) was formed with the goal of making this ever expanding information content and data "findable" using technology components like Apache Lucene/Solr and ElasticSearch coupled with some "best practices" for modeling and transforming your data for optimal relevancy and recall. We will explore topics such as search engines, content extraction, data modeling, text analysis, natural language processing, entity recognition, analytics and machine learning. Let's learn, share and solve business search problems!

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