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The future of freedom is at sea! Seasteaders believe that it's time to stop arguing about political systems and allow the marketplace to decide through livable, autonomous ocean communities.

Seasteads are already under development, and will be to host profitable aquaculture farms, floating healthcare services, medical research islands, and sustainable energy powerhouses.

Join a diverse group individuals working towards competitive governance and freedom of choice. Learn more from the Seasteading Insititue (https://seasteading.org/) and Blue Frontiers (https://blue-frontiers.com/).

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Underwater Living with Atlantis Sea Colony

Online event

Join seasteading enthusiasts from around the world to learn about building underwater habitats.

Once a month, we will host an online discussion on a topic related to seasteading.

Seasteading is living on environmentally restorative floating islands with some degree of political autonomy. The term comes from homesteading, which means making a home for oneself in new, uninhabited places. It generally has associations with self-sufficiency and a frontier lifestyle. Seasteading is reminiscent of that idea, but at sea.

The topic for our August meeting is: Underwater Living with Atlantis Sea Colony.

Our guest speaker is Brendon Traxler, President and CEO of Atlantis Sea Colony.

Brendon believes that the ocean is the future for business. Data-centers, energy production and storage, office space, food production, mining, scientific research, space research, these and many more can be done underwater, and in some instances, can be done better. His background is primarily in the Information Technology field for the past 20 years. He helped start a new IT company and develop it. Prior to IT, he worked in the retail, manufacturing, and welding industries.

Currently his professional time is split between Atlantis Sea Colony and helping his dad with his start-up business.

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Coffee Talk (July Seasteading Social)

Online event

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