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The future of freedom is at sea! Seasteaders believe that it's time to stop arguing about political systems and allow the marketplace to decide through livable, autonomous ocean communities.

Seasteads are already under development, and will be to host profitable aquaculture farms, floating healthcare services, medical research islands, and sustainable energy powerhouses.

Join a diverse group individuals working towards competitive governance and freedom of choice. Learn more from the Seasteading Insititue (https://seasteading.org/) and Blue Frontiers (https://blue-frontiers.com/).

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Feb. Social: Very Large Floating Structures

Online event

Once a month, we will host a free, online discussion on a topic related to seasteading. This month, the topic is Very Large Floating Structures with Shiwen Yap of FlexBase International.

Shiwen partnered with Netherlands-based FlexBase BV, founded by Jan Willem Roël, to launch FlexBase International. Since then, he’s advanced the venture. They approach floating structures from a unique angle. Focused on floating structures with foundations built using a proprietary EPS-concrete hybrid, the idea is to develop very large floating structures (VLFS) as a form of marine urbanisation. It’s about VLFS as an extension of the cityscape and an adaptation to rising sea levels. Patri Friedman, the founder of the Seasteading Institute and board chairman, is leading a funding syndicate on AngelList and is an investor in FlexBase International.

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Coffee Talk (Jan. Social)

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