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The future of freedom is at sea! Seasteaders believe that it's time to stop arguing about political systems and allow the marketplace to decide through livable, autonomous ocean communities.

Seasteads are already under development, and will be to host profitable aquaculture farms, floating healthcare services, medical research islands, and sustainable energy powerhouses.

Join a diverse group individuals working towards competitive governance and freedom of choice. Learn more from the Seasteading Insititue (https://seasteading.org/) and Blue Frontiers (https://blue-frontiers.com/).

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Cryptocurrency and Seasteading (Dec. Social)

Online event

Join us for a casual conversation about cryptocurrency and seasteading with a panel of crypto-innovators and OG seasteading supporters.

Special Guests:

John Kosanke - Coordinador del Proyecto BitCheques; he edited Aeternity Blockchain whitepaper and wiki; developed Freedomship ICO, DAO, and multi tier funding and fractional ownership strategy; and consulted on MS Satoshi Crypto Cruise Ship DAO strategy

Mike Doty - Mike sees ocean development as a means to promote a sustainably abundant economy. The open ocean has the potential to supply sufficient energy, food, water, and industrial feedstocks for the entire planet while restoring the oceans to peak health. His background is in mechanical engineering from the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer products industries. (From the ArkTide website.)

Past events (18)

Algae Biofuel Robot Project (Nov. Social)

Online event

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