What we're about

Are you a small business owner? Have you been reading the headlines about things like the Target data breach, the Yahoo account compromises, or the many companies hit by ransomware?

This group provides a forum where people in small/medium sized businesses can talk with security professionals, discussing hot topics from the news as well as tried and true methods for securing businesses in today's connected world.

Come meet with us over light refreshments and talk with other business owners & security gurus about today's risks and what you can do.

Each meeting has four parts.

• optional pre-meeting / food setup (~ 30 minutes)

• introductions (15 minutes)

• presentation on a particular topic (45 minutes)

• open discussion (30 minutes)

We encourage security professionals, business people, and I.T. folks to attend.

Business professionals, bring your questions. Feel free to be specific and to ask for details. You know your business. Let's explore your security questions (the ones one you can share) and help everyone improve their risk management.

I.T. folks, whether you are part-time IT because you run the business or full-time IT reporting to a CIO, you know that IT is on the front lines of the security landscape. Let's talk about how you manage your environment, keeping the bad guys out and reacting when they get past your defences. And we know you're probably in charge of physical security too - and we'll make there there are security folks who can help there too.

Security Professionals, come with answers, and be prepared to be challenged on specifics. We mean to provide real, actionable information for small business owners. The standard consulting answer "It depends." only works if you then articulate the specific dependencies so that people can make informed decisions.