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Welcome to our community! This group is made for ladies who want to make new female friends in London in a relaxed environment. We hope you will make lifelong girlfriends here, as well as enjoy all the fun London has to offer. There will be several events each month ranging from brunch, theatre, days out and much more! Suggestions for events are welcomed and encouraged. We encourage new people to attend, so feel free to RSVP to events that take you interest! 👩🏿‍🤝‍👩🏼❤️

Our Ethos -

We want everyone to contribute to the success and joy of this group, and this involves turning up to the events you RSVP to. Showing up is a commitment we want everyone to make, as this helps the organisers maximise the spaces booked, helps the attendees meet more new people, and most importantly it help you fulfil the commitment you made to yourself to meet nice new friends.

WE STRICTLY DO NOT DO ANY NETWORING OR ANY BUSINESS-RELATED EVENTS OF ANY KIND, NO EXCEPTIONS. This group is for meaningful friendships and quality time amongst women in London.

NO-SHOW POLICY – We would like to maximise every event for your full enjoyment, therefore we encourage you to turn up to the events you RSVP to. All attendance is monitored. TWO missed events will be marked as 'no-shows', and a polite reminder will be sent to you. If you do not show up THREE times when you have RSVP'd as "Yes" without sending a message and changing your RSVP, you will be automatically removed from the group. Its important you RSVP to things you can attend to, and change you RSVP in good time if other plans come up. Please do this so we can offer your spot to someone else if you decide not to attend. This rule applies to last minute drop outs (UNDER 48hrs) without a message too. This is to make sure that we maximise all the space we book for events and include more people who want to participate and enjoy meeting each other.

PAYMENT - Please note, running this group is not free and lead organisers pay Meet-up a monthly fee to keep the group running. Therefore RSVPs will be charged a non-refundable £3 for all events. Some events might also require an additional fee if the restaurant or event venue requires a prepayment. This £3 is non-refundable under all circumstances unless only if the organisers cancel the event. If you cancel your RSVP the non-refund still applies. If you would like to support the continued running of this group you can also donate any amount to our PayPal pool which I can send to you if you request the link :)

WAITLIST - Please be aware that we currently don't have waitlist and all events are first come first serve. Updates will be sent out once we can have a functioning waitlist.

SAFETY AND COURTESY: We want everyone to have a fun and safe time when attending our events, and we want our organisers to communicate with attendees about event updates with confidence that they will be treated with respect - therefore we follow Meet-up's policy on safety strictly. We do not tolerate any abusive language towards anyone in this group. Please DM people with respect. Any members found to be harassing/insulting/threatening/bullying any member of this group will be removed immediately and the ban will be permanent. We also make reports to meet-up who have the power to remove any policy breakers of the platform completely.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Our Instagram handle is @femalefriendsLDN. Please follow. We take pictures at events. If you do not want your picture uploaded please let the organiser know and they will delete all pictures featuring you.

Upcoming events (4+)

Dinner at Cafe Pacifico

Needs a location


Café Pacifico is a Mexican restaurant bringing the fresh, authentic flavours of Mexico to London. Come join us for a taste of Mexico in the heart of London.

Mexican restaurants are far more than just Mexican food. You can’t truly enjoy a Mexican restaurant without a beverage or two. Here at Café Pacifico, we offer a wide range of Mexican beers, luscious margaritas, and of course, a vast tequila and mezcal menu. Café Pacifico is the grandfather of tequila bars in London and the United Kingdom, and has been stocking great agave spirits for decades.

Menu here

See you there :)

Lunch at Bang Bang Oriental Food hall

Needs a location


Lunch at Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall
This is in replacement of the cancelled Bon-Appetite Fever event

The Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall is the newest and largest Asian food court in London. In fact, it boasts the widest range of specialist Asian restaurants in the whole of the UK, with a seating capacity of 450.

£3 non refundable

See list of vendors below:

A handy review of the best dishes to peruse and drool over ahead of time:

After Work Dinner @ The Rooftop St James

Needs a location


Please check the menu and prices before RSVPing.


Situated in the heart of the city and at one of London's most iconic landmarks, The Rooftop, is an oasis set high in the sky overlooking Trafalgar Square and London's spectacular skyline.

Offering a seasonally changing menu of delicious European-inspired dishes and a carefully curated cocktail and drinks selection, The Rooftop is the perfect spot to unwind, relax and soak up those London views.

Please note £3 non refundable RSVP fee. Hope to see you there.

After Work Drinks + Free Cocktail Tasting

Needs a location


Hi Girls, something happened with the original event booking so I'm creating a new one here. Please sign up again.

Join me for post work drinks at Patch St Pauls.
They are launching a new menu so we get to try a couple of new cocktails! Woop! Their new menu looks pretty good so check it out.


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Blacklist Lounge in Camden

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