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A writing group with a difference: less chat, more writing.

Writing a novel is a lonely business with issues particular to writing longform pieces. And finding the time to write can be even harder. So how about a Saturday morning group where you dedicated a couple of hours to actually writing.

This is an exploritory posting for the moment. I envisage a meetup running something like:
Brief introductions of authors & novels.
Particular issuess with novels & sharing of ideas.
Aims for the session.
1 hour writing.
Refreshment break.
1 hour writing.
Round up & progress.

Small group: £5 per meetup in local cafe, buy your own drinks.
6+ group: £5 per meetup, I'll hire a hall and provide refreshments.

If this sounds like your ideal Saturday morning, give me a shout.

Since posting the above, I have found another group, Bristol Write Together, doing the same sort of thing. So I have I'm going to shamelessly steal the description from Write Together:


Writing can be difficult and lonely. Sometimes we need to get out and away from our own distractions and excuses. Pubs, cafes and parks are nice but wouldn't it also be good to be part of a group of writers? So let's work quietly together, gently encouraging each other to soldier on, and minding each others things when we have to go to the loo...

THE IDEA: We are a group of serious writers that meet somewhere comfortable and write for 2, hours. Each person works on their own and sets their own targets. What you write is entirely up to you. But here is the difference: you are not alone. Others are around you, typing, scribbling or looking out into the distance. Their company will help you stay focused, stop you from drifting, and keep on writing.

* Distractions must be kept to a minimum, so no mobile phones or talking. Just pretend you're in a library. Sssh! If you really have to be noisy then do it away from the group.
* Writers work on their own projects. You measure your own progress and success.
* It's not a critique group or a workshop with teachers/mentors or writing exercises.

Bring your unfinished writing project.
Bring pen & paper, computer or whatever you like using. If it's electronic please check the battery will last because venues might not have power sockets available.

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