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Come Play Pool (All skill levels welcome)!
Are you looking for a fun activity where you can meet cool friends? Have you ever tried pool? No. Not the swimming pool but.... like, one white ball and 15 other colorful balls. It's a fun game where you can build some bad-ass skills overtime. In the beginning, it's okay, kinda like bowling, everyone gets a gutter ball or two. What's cooler about pool though? You get to break balls (hahaha). We recently created a league to see if we can find other fun people to hang out with during the week. We even came up with a name for the group! PFF - Pool For Fun. The league will be an all-fun billiards league with no judgement (so it's okay if you are brand new)! We are trying to build a fun, social billiards league set to kick off in January 2019. On Monday Nov. 14th, 2018, we hope to give everyone who’s interested a taste of the fun times ahead (the leagues next year will be in 8 week increments). Join us on November 14th - meet some new friends and have a great time! For more details on how to play and how the league works, please go to Come play, improve your skills and make some great friends! Who ever said that the grownup life should be any less social than our college- and high school years? We can’t wait to include you in our PFF family. See you at the tables! PFF ❤ Make Friends / Break Balls

Fantasia Billiards

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