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What we're about

This group is for LGBT folks who are new to Seattle and want to make friends within the community.

Events can include bar nights, social activities, activism, volunteering, city exploring, concerts, pride events - anything and everything there is to find out about Seattle.

Ranked as one of the most LGBT friendly cities in America and home to more gays per capita than any other - I am totally excited to be a part of the Seattle Gay Community and hope that you are too!

Everyone will be made an organizer so you can plan events as you like - don't be shy - we all want to make new friends :)

Guys and Girls are both welcome as long as you can play nice with everyone. Age range is Late 20s - Early 40s. Please make sure you have a face picture in your profile in order to join. It makes it much friendlier for all :)

See you out there!


Two Group Rules Below:

Rule 1: Most Important - 3 No-Shows and you will be removed from the group

What does this mean: If you RSVP Yes to an event - and do not show up - that counts as a strike. 3 Strikes and you are out of the group.

Why are you doing this: Many of our events have a size limit - if you take up a spot and someone else gets wait-listed - that is unfair to the person who would like to attend. It is also unfair to the organizer who is planning the event/making reservations if you just flake out. We have had a wait list for almost every event so far - the struggle is real.

That sounds so harsh: Please just update your RSVP to "No" with as much lead time as you can..there is no penalty for changing your RSVP...totally understand that things come up...just don't no-show

Are there extenuating circumstances: Of Course. If some emergency comes up that takes priority - that's totally understandable, just shoot me a note later. Emergencies would be "I got hit by a car" not "my friend asked me to help them move"

Rule 2: Inactive Members who do not participate in events will be removed from the group

What does this mean: This group is private and the events thus far have been great! I do not want to have a bunch of "lurkers" hovering in the internet-ethos. If you do not attend atleast one event in a 3-Month period - you will be removed from the group

Why are you doing this: Meetup costs money to be a group owner. The cheaper package is limited to 50 group members. So removing inactive members will eventually be a necessity.

That sounds so harsh: The purpose of the group is to make friends and have fun. The internet is a scary place...I'm protecting all my friends and saving us money...you're welcome, haha ;)

Are there extenuating circumstances: Not really. Think of this as helping you to get out and meet new people ;)

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