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NH4 #263: Wedding Hash!
Our dear friends Back Tits and Pee Dignity are/have (depending when you actually take the time to read this) getting married! So to celebrate them and their choice and all that they mean to us, we’ll do a white dress wedding run! This will be a lovely run around my part of new haven! AND IN OUR WHITE DRESS BEST! 3-4 miles, 3-4 drink checks. This will be. A special style of urban trail that only Thailor can deliver! And when I say white dress I mean this is a dress run! So wear your white dress or white tutu. But yeah. Wear it! I’ll give more details later. Mostly want y’all to be aware and have time to get your dresses!

Wilbur Cross High School

181 Mitchell Dr · New Haven

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The Hash House Harriers (H3) is a “drinking club with a running problem” — or, more specifically, an international group of noncompetitive running clubs that enjoy socialization and drinking before, during and after their runs.

A hash is modeled after an old-fashioned British paper chase. One hasher, designated as a “hare,” marks out a trail using chalk or flour, usually setting false trails and obstacles along the way. Fellow hashers, known as the “pack,” follow the hare’s trail, which traditionally leads to beer.

There are many variations on this theme, from urban hashes that are essentially running (or stumbling) pub crawls, to rural hashes that more closely resemble orienteering. Some hashes are “family friendly,” while others are thinly disguised excuses for drunken orgies. New Haven H3 hashes tend to fall somewhere between those two extremes.

If you can walk, stumble, crawl or otherwise perambulate in some fashion, you’re qualified to be a hasher. In fact, even if you can’t do any of those things, we’ll find a use for you.

Welcome to the New Haven Hash House Harriers (NH4, NHH3, "Poison Ivy League") where we are devoted to the first rule of hashing; there are no rules in hashing! We are a casual, easy going bunch of drunks who like to pretend to r*n. The NHH3 is notorious for very little except for its annual Hashmat Hash, commemorating the events of August 23, 2007, its founding year. On that date, kennel co-founder Dr. Gonad was cuffed and stuffed by the local constabulary after his shitty trail markings caused a bioterrorism scare. Dr. G has sensibly fled the country, but the Poison Ivy League kennel of the International Hash House Harriers lives on, with regular r*ns scheduled every other Saturday.

On NH4 trails you can look forward to 3 to 7 miles usually set in urban environments (mostly less than 20% shiggy (or traversing the wilderness) via the dead lay method. What can we say? We like you to do all the work. Meaning our trails usually get laid prior to the pack following. We are very welcuming of virgins (first timers) and visitors (people who don't claim NHH3 as their home kennel), trying not to scare them away with "over the top" (or under the skirt) checks (or marks on the ground that tell us what to do) and revelry. The Poison Ivy League typically likes to r*n then drink and drink checks (places along the trail that tell us to drink) are kept to one or two on trail and usually aren't equalizers (places where everyone has to wait for the DFL or dead fucking last). Our trails (checks, marks and beer) do vary from time to time, as we like to let the hare du jour have discretion. Referring back to rule one, what a trail looks like in New Haven, truly is up to the hare. If you have questions about what to expect on a particular trail, please feel free to ask the hare, the GM or RA.

Besides a trail what can you expect at a NH4 hash? Our circles are fairly short, chock full of random to ridiculous accusations that are sometimes the same and sometimes not. We don't give prizes for stupidity, racist behavior or being drunk. We keep it simple; r*nning and drinking. Hash cash (the cost to everyone except virgins) is typically $5 unless our notification says otherwise and our on afters (where we go after the hash) are not generally planned. We encourage our hares to start and end at a bar where pre-lube (the booze you consume prior to following the shitty trail) and on after drunken revelry is at your own expense.

Problems? Comments? Concerns? Check the first rule of hashing and you will fit right in!

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