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Let's load up our bicycles, pack a lunch, and head out to some of the many terrific rail-trail routes in the Tristate region. Enjoy level, car-less, routes at a leisurely pace and traverse beautiful countryside. Hundreds of abandoned railroad right-of-ways throughout the Northeast have been re-purposed as hiking and biking trails, offering literally thousands of miles of great riding. We caravan or carpool to a selected trail and bike from there. Some are close and some are an hour or two away.

All of our rides are social rides. We stop and explore whenever we want. Most rides should be in the 20-30 mile range, but we can customize any distance we want. If you want to see the outdoors from the seat of a bicycle and not have to dodge traffic on local streets, rail-trails are the way to go. The best types of bikes for these trails are either mountain bikes or hybrids.

On occasion, nature walks will be posted as well. Many are located in regions with great bicycling opportunities, allowing us to combine both activities.

Call Terry Brown at 848-333-7331 for more information.

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Based on the success of this year's Maine trip, it's time to start planning for next year. We need to pick a destination that can meet the following criteria: 1) Reachable by car in one day or less. 2) Offer great biking opportunities , plus plenty of other activities. 3) Have a number of accommodation possibilities. The Finger Lakes region of New York comes to mind. However, we have barely scratched the surface of coastal Maine. Post your ideas in the comments section.

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