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"Calling all Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Professionals, Realtors, Mortgage Banker's, Attorney's, Investment Bankers, Traders, Contractor's and anyone active in the Real Estate Industry. Are your hitting your goals you set for yourself this year? If not, your clearly doing something wrong as right now everyone knows we are in the best time to buy, and sell real estate!

New Jersey Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) was Established in 2009. Today the New Jersey Real Estate Investors Association is the fastest growing real estate & investment community in the tri-state area

Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing or are doing your first trade and looking to learn, or are working on deal number one-hundred, the New Jersey Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) can help you accomplish your goals all while having a ton of fun doing it. You are here because you know this is the best times to invest in real estate, stock & bonds is now and you're right!

New Jersey Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) members include beginner, seasoned, full, and part-time investors, accountants and attorneys, real estate agents, realtors, brokers, contractors, mortgage lenders, property appraisers and inspectors, traders, property managers, and renovation specialists — people looking to enjoy the many benefits of the real estate & investment industry.

We invite you to learn more about New Jersey Real Estate Investors Association (REIA), by joining us at our next main event.

Cost for main event is as follows:
* First Time Attendees = $10 to $30 depending on how soon you pay ( PAYMENT VIA CREDIT CARD/CHECK ONLY)

* Yearly membership fees will be explained at the event.

* This text is copywrited by TriState Mixer LLC and is the sole owner of it. If you try to use this text as your own you will be reported and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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New Jersey's 4th Annual Real Estate Investors Expo

Online event

* 100% Virtual Event ** 100% local & applicable education *** No Guru's & Absolutely no up-selling at the event! Have you ever wanted to meet and learn from the top investors in the state? If yes, then this is an event not to miss! At this one day expo, the TOP local wholesalers, fix and flip, cashflow and commercial investors will be sharing with us what is working and not working in today's market! Topics such as: 1. Assignments & Back-to-Back closings 2. How to Maximize Profits while minimizing Taxes 3. Turn-Key Real Estate Investing 4. How to Raise Money 5. The Biggest Risk in Hard Money 6. How to do Add a Levels & Force Appreciation Plays 7. How to scale up to 700 units 8. No Doc New Purchase & Refinancing 9. How to go from zero to 20 million dollar operation 10. How to legally lie to your lender 11. How to work with Realtors to get Deals 12. Force Appreciation & Add a levels 13. No Doc, No Appraisal Hard money loans & when to use it 14. Balancing Debt/Equity & when to use which 15. Getting title work done with sheriff sale properties 16. Using Unsecured Lines of Credit for Gap Funding 17. How to manage fix & flips so they don't fail 18. Fannie Mae Fix & Flip Mortgages for Investors 19. 100% Financing for Fix and Flips 20. Tips and tricks to out of town/state Buy-and-Hold investing 21. Matt Faircloth - How to Raise money with no Track Record 22. DonaHue Baker - Building Generational Wealth via Real Estate, Tax strategy, & Creative Financing 23. Justin Fraser - How I found and funded my first 40 unit. 24. Jason Yarusi - From a Duplex to Over 800 Units And 26 more topics yet to be announced Along with the above, we will be featuring all the top vendors in the industry. Yes, these vendors are companies we actually work with LOCALLY right now. EVENT SCHEDULE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GZwin2bv3HtbgEqAgkwpzyCY7XLlvg5aMDRa3zPGfPs/edit ADMISSION: There will be 500+ investors, 50+ Breakout Sessions, 50+ Topics and 30+ Vendors you need to all get to know. This is an event not to miss! RSVP & make Payment now so you can save 1) Access to Rooms A & B Only - Free - First 400 RSVPs on Meetup & Eventbrite 2) Access to Rooms A, B, C, & D + Recording of the event - $97 - RSVP on Meetup & Make Payment on Eventbrite *Prime Members - email [masked] for your discount code. ******************************************************* CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW https://www.eventbrite.com/e/north-jerseys-3rd-annual-real-estate-investors-expo-tickets-91071371925?aff=newjerseyreia ******************************************************* SPEAKERS, SPONSORS OR VENDORS: If you are interested in speaking at our event please each out to Nick Tang about early bird specials. MEDIA SPONSORS: If you are interested in being a media sponsor please reach out to Nick Tang

North Jersey's 25th Real Estate Deal Night

Online event


Got a deal? Need a buyer? Or maybe you are looking for someone to partner with? Got questions? Want another prospective to the deal? If you answered yes to any of the above, then this is the event for you! EVENT OBJECTIVE: 1. Help Realtors & wholesalers find a buyer for their deal. 2. Help investors & cash buyers find their next deal. 3. Learn how to do due diligence on deals as a group 4. For anyone that wants to buy a deal presented, lenders are on site ready to lend. OUR PROCESS: At this event we invite Realtors & wholesalers to pitch their deal. In the pitch we want to know everything there is to know about the deal. From there we will invite potential investors & cash buyers in the room to ask their questions. After we will invite the panel of experts to ask their questions. We are in essence doing due diligence on the deal together as a group. If the deal make sense we invite anyone that is interested in the deal the deal to make an offer. If the deal doesn't make sense we will work together to make it into a deal. As long as you got an open mind, you cannot fail to get a buyer for your deal! Beyond the expert panelist there are also a room filled of buyers, private lenders, and partners that you could potentially leave with. You won't know unless you attend and pitch. EXPERT PANELIST: - Joey Chan - Custom Design Carprentry - Chris Allessio - Freedom Mortgage - Luis Leiva - Culture Estates - Daniel Layden - Asset Based Lending and more to come! EVENT PROGRAM: 6:30 PM - 7:15 PM Networking 7:15 PM - 8:45 PM Pitch Sessions 8:45 PM - 9:00 PM Networking ADMISSION: 1) First time attendees: You do NOT need to be a prime member to attend as a first time attendee of our organization. If you are serious about attending please pay for your ticket now! RSVP'ing for this event alone without payment does not guarantee you a seat. - Free - Prime Member but RSVP is required - $5 - First 40 RSVP & MAKE PAYMENT - $10 - 41 - 60 - $20 - 61 - 80 - $25 - 81+ and Payment at the Door ******************************************* Go to the link below to make payment. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/north-jerseys-25th-real-estate-deal-night-tickets-96446216229?aff=newjerseyreia ******************************************* 2) Returning attendees: Prime Members only. If you are not yet a prime member please follow this link to become a member now. (https://superiorinvestors.com/product/prime-membership/) - FREE - Prime Member but RSVP is required HEADLINE SPONSORS: This event is sponsored by ABL1.net & Freedom Mortgage

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