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Conscious Reiki Drum Circle with André Jones
A Drum Circle is a gathering of people of all ages, sexes, religions, races, and cultures to form a group consciousness. The main objective is to share rhythm and get in tune with yourself and each other. To create a new voice, a collective voice emerges from the group as they drum. The rhythm begins with your heartbeat, so anyone at any level can join the drum circle with his or her beating heart alone. As we drum we empower each other so everyone who comes and participates has something to offer the circle. A Conscious Reiki Drum Circle embodies everything from a normal drum circle but includes the flow of universal life force energy, which is called Reiki. ~ Facilitated by Reiki Master Teacher André K. Jones. $10 per person Click Here to Pay:

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    What we're about

    The New Moon - Reiki Drum Circle theme is “NEW BEGINNINGS”.

    The new moon is a symbol of new beginnings. This is the perfect time to set your intentions and create your reality! If you have been pre-paving your path this is a good time to fine tune those thoughts and intentions by envisioning your future as your present.

    Setting intentions and preparing for the new moon:

    It’s a good idea to spend some time reflecting in the days leading up to the new moon. Knowing exactly what you want to draw into your life is not always easy. Part of preparedness is to make sure you are clear about your intentions.

    Set intentions for things you would like to create, develop, cultivate, and make manifest. Commit yourself to your vision and be open to receiving guidance, healing, and support from spirit.

    What is a drum circle?

    A drum circle involves a group of people informally sitting around a variety of both common and unusual musical instruments of African and/or South American origin. A Rhythm Guide gently leads the group to create a basic beat. The participants are invited to join in as the beat starts slowly. Combining individual expression, interpersonal interaction & collective energy, the tempo heightens as the energy increases becoming a pulsating rhythm.

    Participants report feeling calm, centered, happy, peaceful, joyful, and grounded. Drum circles have been called "a potent recipe for healing" and "a purification of the soul". In an experience reminiscent of a yogi’s sudarshan kriya and pranayama all at once; the beat, the breath and the energy generate a powerful creation of love and connection.

    A healing and energetic journey into community bonding, our Reiki Drum Circle is clearly a must-have-experience! It is open to anyone with the openness to discover something novel, unique and therapeutic.

    No prior musical experience is required.


    "I love André's drum circle! No matter what mood I might be experiencing
    when I walk in, I ALWAYS walk out happy! The energy is so good and
    I'm always vibrating at a higher frequency when I leave. Plus, it's just really fun!"
    ~ Dee

    "Drum circle is the best thing going - whether you've been to a hundred or never been,
    or have your own drums or don't have any. Here's a place where you're sure to feel welcome,
    sure to fit in, and sure to have a great time!"


    "Another fabulous drumming experience and new moon ceremony.
    Thunderous applause for André , Amy, and everyone who shared
    their energy outside at Diggin' It."
    ~ Faith

    "My first experience with a drum circle was 3 yrs ago when André began the monthly circle at Diggin' It.
    André's drum circle is nothing short of magical. His kind sweet spirit shines through and creates
    the energy that leads us on a vibrational journey. The renewal I experience after a busy workweek
    is so rejuvenating, I can't wait for the next circle. I dig it...think you will too!"
    ~ Tracey

    "If you walk through the back room of my center, A Sheltering Tree, you'll notice small,
    deep notches in the pine floor. Every time I walk through I smile, for these were left by drums
    being passionately played by folks who came to enjoy the spirit, joy, and sacredness of the
    drum circles led by André . Each drummer felt the freedom to play exactly as he or she wished --
    with no fear of "how to drum" or "am I doing it right?" What would begin as a group of
    strangers gathering on a Friday night ended as a collected group of souls, both grounded and
    exhilarated by the joining of each sound and rhythm. André's drum circles enriched
    A Sheltering Tree and all who came there to drum."
    ~ Cathy

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