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New Orlean's Chapter AMORC Rosicrucian Order

2801 Loyola Drive Suite 4 · Kenner, LA

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The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, is a school of learning offering a system of study that enables people to develop their full personal potential. It is not a religion and does not prescribe a set code of beliefs or conduct. Rosicrucians come from every religion and background in the world. The objective of the Rosicrucian Order is to provide proven methods that individuals can use for their self-development, in the privacy of their home. By using ancient techniques, these students gradually develop their inner abilities. The first contributions to the body of Rosicrucian knowledge came from the writings and thoughts of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman philosophers and mystics and continue up to the works of many of the greatest thinkers throughout the ages as well as our contemporary scientists and mystics. Our time-honored studies give access to the accumulated knowledge of history's greatest teachers in the form of practical lessons and exercises mailed to the student's home. Benefits from following this course of study are limitless, and provide a never-ending source of energy and creativity. People are invited to form their own philosophies of growth, and to tap into the wisdom and power already inside of them. The Rosicrucian lessons offer ancient truths which people can apply immediately in life, using techniques developed through the centuries. Individuals will discover inner wisdom and strength, while enhancing their physical, mental and spiritual well being. The lessons cover a broad range of topics such as healing, psychology, philosophy, and the soul. The teachings include not only current wisdom, but also encompass natural laws not usually taught by conventional systems. Exercises and experiments allow students to personally test the validity of the material. For example, the lessons include exercises in proper breathing to promote vibrant health, developing intuition, relaxation techniques, and using visualization as a tool to achieve goals. Monthly lessons are mailed to each student's home, with an hour of study per week recommended. The lessons are structured in a gradual system to provide safe, balanced development. Exercises in meditation, concentration and contemplation are included to help the student. Instructors are also available for assistance through mail correspondence. Students of the Rosicrucian teachings share a desire to learn more about the natural laws of life. Though the answers to life's questions are inside each of us, many people do not know how to gain access to this vast knowledge stored within. They yearn to find out why they are here, whether they have a purpose in life, and what that purpose is. It is this journey of internal discovery that draws people to the Rosicrucian Order. The information and guidance students receive through the Rosicrucian studies are based on ancient, time-tested principles. These practical lessons encourage people to explore new concepts while in the privacy of their own homes. Through the process of developing their intuitive powers and discovering their potential for inner guidance and direction, students begin to develop their own personal philosophy. As a result, they experience a profound sense of freedom: freedom to question, freedom from fear and limits, freedom from dogma, and freedom from intolerance. As the possibilities in life multiply, students become very centered and focused, with high self esteem and a sense of personal empowerment. A genuine sense of security comes from within, serving as a constant source of strength, inspiration and comfort. This journey of self empowerment results in positive changes that affect all areas of life: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, relationships, and finances. That tells you a little bit about the Rosicrucian Order. Do you have any questions?

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