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Winter Solstice Potluck
Come join us in bringing in the winter solstice with a beautiful ritual and potluck meal at Swamis house! The address is 8027 Trapier Avenue, off of Haynes Blvd in New Orleans East. For this occasion, we will socialize, drum, eat and even make a fire! Bring drums, rattles, a dish or drink. It is always a fun time at Swami's house. Hope to see you there!

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    This meetup has a very specific and powerful intention: to bring together a community of people interested in actively engaging in personal and planetary liberation! We will achieve this by growing in understanding of our true selves and our connection as a planet to the cosmos, as well as learning more about the galactic community working with us, "the ground crew," to assist in this liberation process. Earth is currently at a unique point of transition. As a planet, we are coming out of, or "awakening" from, a very long period of deep sleep or illusion known as "dense 3d consciousness," which has manifested on our planet as suffering, scarcity and the feeling of separation from one another and Source.

    And what are we "awakening" to?

    Our true nature as souls ablaze with Divine Love and Limitlessness, connected and One with All that Is, capable and empowered to co-create in the blessed NOW the best life and the best planet of our highest personal and collective vision. This age we are creating - called "the Golden Age"- resides in our awakening to our capacities as beings of "5d consciousness and beyond," a consciousness characterized by joy, abundance, love, freedom and the experience of profound unity with all that is. We are currently co-creating this blessed reality with the help of other advanced beings by living our missions with joy and reactivating our abilities as Creator Beings, able to manifest the world of our dreams!

    If you are like me and know this in your heart to be true but not sure how to get from point "A" to point "B," then this meetup is for you! Consciousness grows through the simple act of people coming together and sharing knowledge. This group will focus on exploring together our own unique paths of awakening, while acknowledging the role other beings are enacting with us towards the end of liberating ourselves and our planet. We will collectively share our wisdom gained from books and websites on these subjects, and also do meditations as inspired to put our learning into action.

    "We are not alone in this Universe." This is true! And we also need not be alone in our living rooms wondering if anyone else is interested in connecting with the higher Wisdom that our connection to one another and these benevolent beings can bring through. Whether this is all new to you or not, I invite you if you're interested to simply come check us out with an open mind and open heart. This group will center on respectful dialogue, acceptance and love of differences in thoughts and opinions, and openness to learning new things. Let's shed the light of seeking for truth and encourage one another to truly be the change we wish to see in the world!

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