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It's hard to make friends once you're out of school, or if you're in a new town. My goal is to make a different kind of Meetup group. There are so many things to enjoy in life, why stick to just one? Meet fun and interesting people while doing fun and interesting things. The suggested group age is 20s and 30s but no one will discriminated against for age or any other reason. This is place for all types of people no matter your age, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, number of children or no children, religious or nonreligious beliefs, political affiliation etc.

Willingness to have fun and meet new people is a must! (Positivity and an open-mind will help too!). If you're ready to explore and experience the fun and interesting things around you while meeting fun and interesting people then please join!!

Contact me if you'd like to host an event or if you have any ideas. Don't be shy. We can also go to some of the other groups meetup, given theres something cool happening. I'm also a member of the mid-city Volleyball club and I cannot praise them enough. What an awesome group of people and a great way to meet new people while having fun. They play every Tuesday and Saturday, in mid-city. Look 'em up!

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