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Weekly Guided Meditation/Intuition Class
Would you like to learn to truly tune-in and communicate with Spirit during your meditations? Learn how to receive messages and understand them? How to be able to sink into a deep meditation and channel information from your Higher Self and Spirit team? In this weekly meditation, I gently guide you to use your own intuitive abilities and psychic 'clair' senses to communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self and passed loved ones. Learn to meditate and receive Divine guidance from God, the Universe, Source, Heavenly assist you in making decisions that are in your highest and best interest. Tune into your own energy body to heal and clear blockages. If you have a hard time meditating alone, this is a great group practice! We always go around in a circle and share our experiences afterwards. This is a wonderful community of like-minded folks, learning and growing together. Cost is $20 Drop-ins and beginners welcome!! I hope you will join us! Xo, Amanda

723 Hillary House

723 Hillary Street · New Orleans, LA

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Thank you for joining the New Orleans Spiritual Awakening Group!

This group is for any of you looking for more in life... searching for answers as to how to find peace, how to truly feel connected spiritually, no matter what religion or background you come from!

We are all children of the same God. Whether you use the term God, Heavenly Mother, the Universe... we are all connected to this Higher Consciousness, this Divine Intelligence, Source. My mission is to help you strengthen your own connection to Spirit so that you can live a fulfilled life, sharing a life of love and joy with all of humanity.

Abundance, connection, self awareness, consciousness, community, love, faith, joy, compassion.... if you are looking for any of these, you have found the right place!

I lead a variety of groups and teach a number of classes on how to communicate with Spirit, how to live an authentic life, how to find your purpose, energy healing, meditation & developing your own spiritual gifts.

The spiritual community that has formed from these classes and groups is growing stronger by the day! I hope that you will join us on your own journey of spiritual growth and development.

May we come together as enlightened souls, spreading consciousness and love throughout the world!

Can't wait to 'meet' you soon!

Love and Light,


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