What we're about

"We are a new community of entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to merge our knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities together to create dynamic partnerships and successful businesses."

You can be a startup, have a small business, an up and coming entrepreneur, or a business professional who wants to use your specialty to join a startup business as a partner. Our newly created website is at https://www.newstartuppartners.com/

This Meetup is for...
*Entrepreneurs *Business Owners * Business Professional
*Executives *Executive Assistants * Managers
*Consultants *Business Coaches *Investors
*Anyone who wants to start or be a part of a startup company or small business.

This Meetup is for those who...
+Wants to be their own Boss + Make your own Money + Do what you Love
+Build Assets +Control your own Destiny + Break the glass Ceiling

As a community we will help each other figure our our true needs as entrepreneurs and provide the platform to assist you with finding the partnerships you need to take your business or entrepreneurship endeavors to the next level. So join us and become a part of the new community being built just for you.

"An entrepreneur needs to know what they need period. Then they need to find an investor who can build off whatever their weaknesses are - whether that's though money, strategic partnerships, or knowledge."
-Daymond John

New StartUP Partners aim as a community is to help you figure out your weaknesses and then assist you with finding a strategic partner or partnerships based on your need. Or in the case of business professionals find businesses and startups you can use your specialized knowledge, skills, and talents with.

Come out and see what we about...you are never too late!

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