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This meetup is focused on understanding and democratizing latest trends in hardware designs which consecutively affect all layers of Software applications and in turn Cloud Computing and Analytics and "Big Data" solutions . The advent of NVM Express and NVM over Fabrics allows us to bring together and take to new heights computer technology and enable IoT. This group is focused on how NVM technology affects Digital Storage market and anything else in between related to NVM technology and storage world in hardware applications overall. If you are hardware designer, firmware designer, hardware hacker who want to come up with a most optimal way to bring software and hardware together this meetup will be for you.

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Birds of a Feather: SNIA NVMe BoF and NVM Express Meetup

Hyatt Regency Santa Clara

WE KEEP OUR TRADITIONS - ATTEND BIRD OF FEATHERS DURING STORAGE DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE ROOM NAME : WINCHESTER Join the discussion and meet panelings - NVMe Authors discussing their latest work, implementation issues and using NVMe in the real world. Moderator: Mark Carlson Principal Engineer, Industry Standards Toshiba Memory America ABOUT PANELISTS: MARK CARLSON Principal Engineer, Industry Standards @ Toshiba Mark A. Carlson, Principal Engineer, Industry Standards at Toshiba, has more than 35 years of experience with Networking and Storage development and more than 20 years experience with Java technology. Mark was one of the authors of the CDMI Cloud Storage standard. He has spoken at numerous industry forums and events. He is the co-chair of the SNIA Cloud Storage and Object Drive technical working groups and serves as co-chair of the SNIA Technical Council. J METZ, R&D Engineer, Advanced Storage @ Cisco Systems R&D Engineer for the Office of the CTO for Cisco, working in Advanced Storage and Storage Networking, but have a broad and eclectic background of both academic, corporate, and industry experience. Active speaker at Memory focused events, blog posts, Storage Newsletter and many more activities. J influences trends in storage technologies and promotes innovation. BILL MARTIN SSD IO Standards @ Samsung (https://sniasdc17.pathable.com/organizations/576900) SPEAKER Bill Martin has been a leading figure in the development of storage standards for many years, providing prolific innovative contributions to the NVMe, SCSI, Serial ATA, and Fibre Channel standards. He is currently in charge of SSD I/O standards at Samsung, where he represents the company in the NVMe, SCSI, SNIA, and ATA standards efforts as well as working with customers to overcome performance hurdles. PETER ONUFRYK, Intel, Fellow Peter's contributions to the field of persistent memory are enduring. He was involved early in the technology and was part of the original NVM specification development team. He is currently a fellow in performance storage at Microchip. Peter also runs NVMe MI ( Management Interface) specification group under NVMExpress.org CHRISTOPH HELLWIG, Kernel Hacker Christoph Hellwig has been working on Linux Storage and File system projects for 15 years. He works all the way up and down the Storage and File system stack, and runs a consulting business focused on Linux Storage architecture. STEPHEN BATES, CTO of Eldeticom Stephen Bates is the CTO of Eideticom is a renown expert on topics like NVMe, RDMA, TCP/IP and NVM. He has worked on a range of complex storage and communication systems include the NVMe controllers and PCIe switches developed by his former employer Microsemi (formerly PMC-Sierra). He enjoys working at the interface between hardware and software and is a active contributor to the Linux kernel. Before Eideticom he worked in the CTO at PMC-Sierra and before that was an Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering at The University of Alberta. He holds a PhD from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland. More information about the panel and event venue: https://sniasdc19.pathable.com/meetings/1069534

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