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We envision a different way to live — a new way. We aim to learn how to have nurturing, yet effective relationships in a tribe of humans who know each other well, respect, care for and trust each other. We want to find our tribe and help others find their tribe of friends who share important values such as transparency, authenticity, personal growth, responsibility and accountability. We want to collaborate on projects together from backyard gardening projects, garage cleaning ( and sales ), to building businesses that can support our tribe and provide meaningful and rewarding careers for our members.

Modern life in the US is deeply unsatisfying for most humans, while at the same time, destructive for the rest of earthly life. A human being is meant for a different kind of existence. We cannot thrive under the assumptions of a consumerist society, where things and money are at the center of life and our day. We are isolated into nuclear families or single parent households. The daily grind of working 9 to5, only to come home and make dinner, clean up and go shopping on the weekends, while burdened with debt, leaves little time to ponder the meaning of our life or construct an alternative strategy for our lives. After mid-life, most are left alone, after a spouse dies or our children leave home. At the same time, we have fallen out of harmony with the rest of nature and even with our own nature. And, our consumerist way of living is destroying the planetary web of life itself.

We want the efficiencies of a sharing economy ( do we all need a separate lawnmower )? We want the support of raising children in a larger family container than the standard nuclear family. We want the stimulation of living with, or near, other people who we know well, have built trust with and who we have fun with, while living a life filled with projects, including joint businesses that are inspirational, life sustaining and which give our lives meaning and purpose. We aim to do this in cities and in rural nature centers, in all aspects of our lives, by forming new kinds of families, kin-ships, clubs and businesses that make us love to go to “work” while creating work that is in alignment with our tribal values and vision and in harmony with nature.
We invite you to learn more by attending our Monthly 4th Wednesday Open Meeting. https://newwaygroup.wordpress.com/2017/11/27/invitation-to-new-way-open-meeting/

For more about us, see: Our Vision for A New Way of Living https://newwaygroup.wordpress.com/2017/03/24/vision-for-a-new-way-of-living/

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