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Ethnic Dance Chicago's weekly Friday Night Dances are attended by between 20 and 40 people, most of whom are not members of Meetup.com. Since you joined our Meetup Group, you are probably looking for something different and indeed we are.

We enjoy doing dance forms from many countries and ethnic groups from all over the world. The music ranges across traditional folk styles, to contemporary styles, through a fusion of folk and contemporary styles. The dances are fun and exciting as the dance rhythms are a blend of the common forms (2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8) and of the unique forms (5/16, 11/16, 7/8, 7/16), sometimes called crooked-music because of the odd numbers of beats. You won't need a partner as many of the dances are danced in circles and semi-circles that do not require partners. We also do a some line dances, some partner dances and some set dances that require groups of couples. You'll meet people from a wide range of backgrounds and you'll have a great time.

It takes some folks a little time to get used to the different types of dances and music, so don't expect to learn everything on your first night - there is a lot to be learned, and in the end it's worth the effort.

Make sure you check our online regional calendar (www.ethnicdance.net/calendar) and our pdf schedule (www.ethnicdance.net/schedule) that will provide notice of schedule changes and information about other related ethnic dance & music events.

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