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What we’re about

Are you a Doctoral Candidate through tenured professor? Are you working on your dissertation? Converting older material into journal articles? Writing a book for publication? Learning to write for broader audiences?

We welcome you! Each time we meet, the agenda is as follows:

• Meeting each other <br>

• Sharing a writing tip <br>

• Reviewing a member's work (if one is available <br>

• And WRITING! <br>

We would love to have you on a Friday or Saturday!

Guidelines for the New York Academic Writer Meetup

The New York Academic Writer Meetup is for Doctoral Students and beyond, or people with J.D.s who seek a community of writers with whom they want to further their writing projects. This group is not designed to provide editing assistance or help learning how to write in English. Members of this group will not provide feedback on class assignments.

If you have a non-academic writing project, feel free to join us; however, you will not receive feedback on your work.

The primary guideline for this group is that you are kind to each other.

By being part of this group you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you don't agree please remove yourself from the group.


No self-promotion is allowed, except as approved by the organizers.  

Definition of self-promotion:

- selling anything - that means products, services, courses, events and programs

-promoting your webinar or event

-posting a link to your OWN website

-posting affiliate links...ever - that's just wrong

We may break our own rule and promote something if we feel as though it is of service to the group. We reserve that right as it is our group and community.

Practice etiquette: don’t ask people to message you their email address in exchange for something-- nor should you be messaging people from this group with sales or spammy messages-- if I find people using this group to push products or services, I will delete them immediately. Don’t expect people to hire you for services just because you discussed their work. Please LET ME KNOW ASAP if this is being done to you via this group.

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