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My IMPROV acting class will accept 10 students max per class so each student will receive individual attention after each acting scene that they are in. Classes are held from 7:30pm to 8:30pmET on Wednesday and Thursday nights each week of each month throughout 2022. A low $15 Fee per class or $25 for 2 classes can be paid by check or money order.

If you are interested in taking these classes and would like to apply to be included in this IMPROV acting group please contact me by e-mail and provide the following 8 items: 1. Your Full Name; 2. Your E-mail Address; 3. Your Phone Number(s) 4. Your short statement about yourself and interest in this form of acting. 5. Your Bio (If you have one.) 6. Your Head Shot (If you have one.) 7. Any Your questions and/or comments that you may have. 8. Your home mailing address.

You will be e-mailed all the details: Meeting Dates; ZOOM Code; Acting Class Fee; A Reply to your Questions and Comments.
Nick Curto, Director & Founder
Contact: nicknyny1@gmail.com

Expect to have fun, to learn to be inventive and spontaneous, and to gain creative experience and confidence in working with others in going with the moment in performing a given scene. The director will set the scene as to it being a comedy or drama, or both, the general scene situation and scenario, the character descriptions, who is assigned to be which one of the characters, what their relationships are to each other, and will then answer any questions before the scene begins. Scenes may run from a few minutes to 10 minutes or in some cases a bit longer. Both serious actors as well as motivated individuals that would like to have this kind of unique training experiences are welcome to apply to be included in this group! 
The Nick Curto Method of "Immersive and Fearless" Improv Training
BRING IT ON!” is the attitude I want for my IMPROV acting students.
My cutting edge Improv Acting Classes are highly innovative, deeply challenging and reaches the next level of totally immersive training unlike anything you have ever experienced before. My method will push you far out of your “comfort zone” and into a world of new skills and rethinking so that the fear of taking a leap of faith in acting by eliminating ego and fear are eliminated that hold you back from achieving your goal of high skilled fearless acting.
The skills and processes of improvisation are also used outside the context of performing arts. This practice, known as applied improvisation, is also used in classrooms as an educational tool and in businesses as a way to develop deeper, expansive communication skills, creative problem solving and supportive team-work abilities. Being in a creative, nurturing and fun environment is known as an excellent and unique way to relax and take the pressure off everyday life by temporally escaping into a new and very exciting world of make believe along with other multi-talented and interesting people!

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