What we're about

To all parents/caretakers of autistic kids, Let's meet up! We started this group to share stories, hangout and be a buddy to each other.

Many parents, us including, have trouble sharing about our kids, and what we as a parent with ASD kid goes through. This space is meant for "sharing" our ups and downs and fears and anxieties we have for our kids. This is a complete parent/ caretakers focused group, some events we like to take on are:

Chill -out sessions with other parents - share some good wine/ booze and chat ;)
A "hand in hand" program for new parents just learning about ASD- will be paired with parents experienced with the ins and out of the system.
We also love to host behavior therapists- to share strategies on coping with the stress of handling our little ones with ASD.

Venues will be in NYC, at a casual space where we can get to know and learn from each other.

We’d love to know you - hit the Join Button!

Past events (2)

Be a Buddy: Let's Meet @ Hudson Hound!

Hudson Hound

Be a Buddy: Let's Meet!

Hudson Hound