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Learn the most interesting aspects of the present theory of the universe.
We will discuss the most interesting aspects of the present theory of the universe, without mathematics.

Jack Demsey's Restaurant Bar

36 West 33rd Street · New York, NY

What we're about

WHAT THE MEETUP IS ABOUT: Participants will learn and discuss the main scientific Big Bang theories, without the mathematics or physics background required to follow modern scientific theories of Big Bang Creation in detail. I started a few years ago a similar successful monthly discussion group in Ithaca (Cornell University) New York. I go back once a month to Ithaca to continue the discussion group.

IDEAL MEMBERS: People that are interested in the scientific explanations of how the Universe was created.

WHY MEMBERS SHOULD JOIN: To learn about Big Bang Theories and Problems of Big Bang Creation.

WHAT MEMBERS CAN EXPECT: At the meetings, I will distribute notes and explain Big Bang Creation theories and their problems. The group will then ask questions about what wasn't clear in the explanation. A general discussion will then follow about the importance of the theories.

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