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Greetings NYC!! Ever wish you could participate in furthering scientific research to discover new species of plants, predict and prepare for the effects of climate change, and conserve the world's embattled biodiversity?

We thought you'd say "yes". And amazingly making a difference is so much easier that you might expect!

Everyday, scientists at the New York Botanical Garden make new discoveries related to plant life on earth that enhance our understanding of the natural systems sustaining our biosphere, provide breakthroughs for human health and medicine, and inform our ability to protect and preserve the form and function of our world's natural ecosystems for future generations.

We at New York Botanical Garden are looking to build a community of like-minded individuals from the general populace who are interested joining together on a local-level, as part of a global effort to unlock the secrets stored by millions of historic natural history collections preserved for many hundreds of years by research institutions such as the New York Botanical Garden.

Join today to learn about awesome new opportunities to meet and collaborate in-person with other nature enthusiasts in and around NYC through contributions to citizen science expeditions, and help the New York Botanical Garden complete our mission of mobilizing the world's natural history collections for the protection and improvement of our shared world!

Past events (8)

Citizen Science Workshop: Botanical Exploration of Hawaii

NYBG Museum Building, 4th Floor, M402

NYC EcoFlora - iNaturalist Workshop

Luesther T Mertz Library - Reading Room

Garden Navigator Workshop

Luesther T Mertz Library - Reading Room

iNaturalist - Citizen Science Workshop

Luesther T Mertz Library - Reading Room

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