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The New York Branding Meetup holds community-based events that cover topics in a concrete approach on brand strategy, brand communications, verbal identity, and visual identity. We will look at how branding can become a utilitarian tool for a company's vision, content strategy, and marketing strategy, as well as how a brand can effectively and viscerally connect with audiences. A particular focus will be given on the human aspect of brands and their potential to help us create a world we want to live in. Join us at our next event!

This meetup is founded and run by Touseef Mirza. She is an NYU Adjunct Professor in personal branding; the founder and host of the ClarityConnects (http://www.clarityconnects.co/) podcast where she talks about the human essence in brands; the cofounder of the CoreConnect Conference (https://www.coreconnectconference.com/); the former CMO of the Advertising Research Foundation; and a Creative Brand and Marketing Strategy Consultant in NYC.

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