What we're about

Space for people to learn about the intersection of business and the communities in which they thrive. A place for professional leaders eager to exchange thoughts and engage on building stronger ethical practices in business settings. Our desire is to foster the idea of “doing well by doing good” in the next generation of innovators and work to move them from idea to action.

We do this through topic presentations and candid conversations in the fields of social and environmental enterprise, sustainable investing and corporate responsibility, debunking myths and misinformation.

The forum is open to all individuals who wish to engage with experts and understand how this landscape is evolving while we encourage committed leaders to implement practices towards better business that will build and sustain stronger communities aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the topics that will be explored are:

Conscious & Responsible Business Practices

Sustainability - from diverse perspectives

Impact Investing including the Triple Bottom Line

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG practices)

Impact Investing including the Triple Bottom Line

Certifications and Metrics like LEED, GRI, SASBE and the B Corp

Membership in this group is free, and events will be no cost while virtual or low cost if and when in person.

Typical attendees: CSR Professionals, social enterprise innovators and builders, sustainable investors, career change seekers, philanthropic professionals and students.

Stay tuned for the next event and feel free to visit previous ones listed below.

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Investor Perspective: Defining a Sustainable Company

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