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What we’re about

Mandarin and English learners are welcome to join this meetup no matter which country you are from. As a organizer, I strongly encourage that members do their best to speak the language you want to learn to other members.

There are two parts of activities at this meetup:

The majority of activities are held every Thursday nights. Members go to Pret a Manger to have a free talk. The organizer will do his best to make sure you have good partners to practice Mandarin or English. Also, you can move around trying to find good partners who you like to talk to or you are comfortable with.

Because language learners need to have different activities and face different situations so that we can learn different phrases or words, the organizers will also hold other activities. For example, we can learn words about picnic when we go picnic or we can learn words about bowling when we play bowling.

Anyway, please join us and feel relaxed to learn second language!

Please note our RSVP counts usually does not reflect the amount of people coming. A meetup group size of 8-10 is normal for us. See you at the Meetup!!


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