• Dads Getting Coffee (or Tea) on Upper East Side

    Stella & Fly

    Welcome to our next Dads Getting Coffee! Outdoors.

    Some of our other City Dads Groups have tried this and positive things to say. Basically, Dads Getting Coffee is a relaxing get together where Dads grab a cup of coffee, tea, water, etc. and chat. Too often meetup events are tied to doing something which distracts you from simply talking about what's going on in your life.

    The NYC Dads Group's mission is to bring local Dads together. What better way to do it than over a cup of joe.

    This is a great event for a new dad to meet the group and start the bonding process or other dads to drop kids off at school and join us, or pop over for a quick chat before you hit the office (or home office) for the day. We envision this as a dads only meetup, but won't discourage a new dad with their baby napping in stroller or baby carrier.

    I'll arrive early to grab our table outside.

  • In-Person Dads Bar Meetup: The Irish Punt (FiDi)

    Irish Punt

    A relaxing get together where Dads grab a drink/bite and chat. Friendly staff & great music.

  • Join us for National Dads' Day Out: NYC Dads Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

    Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall

    We’re thrilled to announce that City Dads Group, in partnership with our good friends at Dad 2.0, are declaring a National Dads’ Day Out on Saturday, November 6! We’re organizing meetups in cities all over the country designed to get dads together in-person to reconnect, share experiences, and participate in a physical activity.

    In NYC, join us for a scenic, autumn walk across the famous Brooklyn Bridge. You'll gawk at skyscrapers, hang with other fathers, and get some exercise. It's a win-win! Even though this meetup is intended as a Dads only event, we don't want to exclude anyone, so feel free to bring the kids along if you'd like.

    We're going to meetup at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge (please be prompt at 11:30am), on the Manhattan side, and walk together across the Bridge. The walk will conclude on the DUMBO waterfront. If you're not in a rush to get back to your family, stay and soak in the epic views while grabbing a beverage and a snack at a place nearby.

    It has been a long, winding, curvy road the last few months and each of us has had (is having) our share of challenges. Our physical and mental health have been tested. November 6 falls in the month of Movember so this is a great excuse to focus on the benefits of connection and community on dads' mental and physical health.

    Special thanks also to the team at American Underdog, the terrific upcoming film about Kurt Warner’s rise from supermarket employee to Super Bowl MVP, for sponsoring Dads’ Day Out and understanding that gatherings are a crucial part of improving our mental health.