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Join us for a full range of outdoor activities all year round! From day hikes to 20+ mile challenges, from train-accessible local hikes to camping around the northeast, from lazy summer lake-swimming to winter snowshoeing, ice climbing, and skiing, we do it all!

Most local trips are accessible via public transportation and we organize car pools when they are not.

These are not guided trips - these are social events.Remember that you are responsible for your own safety. Stay within your skill, fitness, and experience level.

• Have a profile photo showing your face. This is required so your organizers can remember who's who. And answer all the profile questions so we know a little about you and what kind of events we should plan

• Most day hikes are suitable for any fit individual with some prior hiking experience.

• Everyone should be comfortable hiking alone and be prepared to do so (with a map and an understanding of the route). We make an effort to stay together as a group, but sometimes the group does need to split up.

• If you're new to a particular activity or moving up a level, please contact the event organizer. It is often possible to accommodate less experienced members, but not always.

If you do not have any hiking experience at all, please hike with a professional guide service a few times.

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Evening Ski at Thunder Ridge!!

Thunder Ridge Ski Area

Come do some evening skiing at Thunder Ridge in Patterson, NY.

Here is a link to buy tix. Get the evening or twilight ticket


Masks are obviously required in any indoor areas. Vaccine also required to participate.

I'll be around to meet folks at the beginning of the event. I'll also email folks my contact info on Wednesday.

Any interest? Backcountry skiing at Tuxedo ridge/ Or Snow bowl


As many of you may or may not know. Tuxedo ridge ski area has been closed for 2 years. If we get enough snow. Would anyone be interested in back country skiing it? In addition to the area, there are also some nice utility cuts. Please note, it would be at own risk, I would be requiring ski helmets, and possibly elbow/knee pads....Have to see what the coverage is. We are talking slalom skiing, NOT cross country. THIS IS HIKE UP SKI DOWN! You might need some stamina as well.

Snow Bowl is an old ski area up in Mahlon Dickerson preserve that closed up in the 50's. It's pretty accessible by car, and the old cuts are still very clear.

The old Beacon NY ski area could be another potential.

Another possibility would be driving up to Adams Massachusetts and doing the thunderbolt trail. Let me know your interest. Thunderbolt was an Olympic venue at one time. It is famous because of the hairpin turn it has close to the bottom!

A group called New England Lost Ski Areas Project (NELSAP), actually documents ski areas that have closed. Many are very suitable for backcountry fun! ALL WE NEED IS SNOW!

This year I'm praying for snow!

BTW.... Hunter, Windham, Belleayre and Catamount are opening this weekend! Get your tickets on Liftopia!

If backcountry skiing is something you are interested in. RSVP to this event, then once I feel there is enough snow, I will schedule this event.

Last Updated: 12/15/2016

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