Epictetus' Discourses VI

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At this meetup, we will continue our year of Epictetus by continuing our reading of The Discourses, which are the most detailed surviving notes of Epictetus' teachings written by his student Arrian.

Since Epictetus was a teacher of Stoicism and covered many of the basic concepts of Stoic practice in The Discourses, this meetup should be accessible to both newcomers to Stoicism as well as those familiar with it. Also, since The Discourses isn't written in a progressive order, jumping in at any point is perfectly fine even if you haven't read up to where we're at.

To prepare for this meetup, please read Discourses 3.21 ("To those who set out to become lecturers without due thought") through 3.26 ("To those who are afraid of want"). While reading, note any comments or questions you may have for the group to bring up during the meetup.

While there exist some free translations (http://sacred-texts.com/cla/dep/index.htm) of The Discourses on the internet, they are not ideal due to a lack of background material and of numbered subsections. The quality of the translations also sometimes don't fare as well compared to modern ones. For these reasons, I strongly recommend purchasing Discourses, Fragments, Handbook (https://global.oup.com/academic/product/discourses-fragments-handbook-9780199595181?cc=us&lang=en&) translated by Robin Hard with an introduction by Christopher Gill by Oxford World Classics. This is a modern, rigorous translation with copious explanatory notes and an excellent introduction. It is also fairly affordable. We will be using this translation for most of our year of Epictetus, so you'll get your money's worth out of it. If purchasing it presents a financial burden, please contact Greg privately to make arrangements to receive a copy.