What we're about

This group's aim is simple: to read, explore, discuss, and learn for no other sake then to make ourselves fuller people and to have fun doing so.

This group is unique because I believe learning should not be confined to "one subject." We are NOT a philosophy group, we are NOT a science reading group, we are NOT a literature group. Instead we are a SYNTHETIC club, in that we recognize that all knowledge complements each other and that the best education consists of studying broadly. Thus we are open to reading and studying philosophy, studying in depth modern physics, etc.

Also, reading is only one way to get knowledge, so if anyone has ideas for other types of educational events, we're open to it. EG. Simply being in nature, I have learned so much about myself and the world.

My initial ideas, based on my interests, are listed below (but I'm open to suggestions too, see email below)

1. Natural and Intellectual Explorations:
American philosophical tradition: Reading the immensely stimulating work of Emerson, Charles Saunders Pierce, and William James to begin with.

2. A few books exploring the mystery of modern science (on neuroscience, physics, etc.)

Social/Political Understanding

3. A study of 20th century political philosophy/social theory, such thinkers as
Leo Strauss and Hannah Arendt among others.

A bit about me: I am a philosophy graduate, but I come in as a MEMBER of the group. IE. I claim no expertise on what we're reading

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