What we're about

The New York Climate Coalition is a group focused on mitigating climate instability.

First the Bad News: The world must act now to reverse climate change. Inaction would have enormous social and economic costs. And our global efforts are falling behind (1).

Now the good news: Fortunately, New York City has committed to become carbon neutral and to "adapt the city to withstand and emerge stronger from the impacts of climate change" (2). Even for New York, this will be an ambitious and daunting challenge, and we'll need all the help we can get.

We aim to democratize and empower New York's climate efforts to ensure that we have every chance to be a global leader in this effort.

Our goals include:

• Building a diverse community of concerned citizens to organize information and inform political and community action.

• Bringing together professionals from multiple disciplines to foster innovation and co-design scalable climate solutions.

• Informing and encouraging venture capital investments to accelerate promising new technologies in fields like renewable energy and equitable climate mitigation.

(1) https://www.eto.think.woodmac.com

(2) https://onenyc.cityofnewyork.us/strategies/a-livable-climate/

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