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Do you want to live life from the expanded perspective of Consciousness? This meetup will show you how to approach life AS Consciousness, transforming problems into joys and resulting in unexpected miracles! Are you sensing new and inexplicable experiences of expansion? This will give you the language to understand, and tools to facilitate this growth phase of our collective evolution. If you've done personal growth and energy healing work all of your life and find it's no longer effective, this will help you upgrade your techniques, going from dialup to wifi, to move you forward on your path

Feeling on the leading edge or on the tipping point of massive expansion? You are not alone! We're in a huge, collective shift as Consciousness. Our meetups will discuss what's happening on a deeper level than anyone's talking about. We'll also learn some simple, effortless ways to navigate this new, emerging reality.

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Consciousness Conversations (in May)

Midtown Manhattan


Having inexplicable experiences of expansion? You are not alone! Bring your questions (and your friends) to our deep discussion about what is really happening for all of us. You'll find it validating to discover that we're all having similar experiences - This has been described as Ascension, Consciousness Evolution, 5D (dimension), Zero Point Field, Unified Consciousness, Source Energy, Heart Space, and more. I will also demonstrate some tips or techniques for navigating life *as* Consciousness, based on whatever we're talking about in the current group. The fee pays for the room only.

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Conscious Conversations!

Midtown Manhattan


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