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Learn how to stay safe, private, and secure online. A CryptoParty is free, public and fun. People bring their computers, mobile devices, and a willingness to learn! In the time of the event people will learn and teach how to use basic cryptography tools. CryptoParties are decentralized global events that are organized to answer questions and instruct people on technology & privacy. CryptoParties are always free to attend, public, commercially and politically non-aligned and absolutely against sexual harassment and discrimination. There are no dumb questions, you do not need to know anything about this subject, nor do you even need to bring a computer or phone. However that will help you get the most of it. For more information see the global cryptoparty website: http://www.cryptoparty.in/

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Automate All the Things! A Primer to Infrastructure as Code

Learn how to make your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), automatically install software on the servers in your cloud, and write executable runbooks to automatically perform upgrades and other maintenance with the press of a button. With today’s modern automation toolkits, a two-person hobby project can outperform a 100-person company, as long as they use the right tools the right way. In this workshop, you’ll get a practical introduction to cloud infrastructure automation with tools like Ansible, Vagrant, and Terraform, and a chance to solidify your understanding of fundamental DevOps skills that every IT professional needs. Details at https://techlearningcollective.com/events/2020/05/workshop-2020-05-26-automate-all-the-things-a-primer-to-infrastructure-as-code

Hacker Trivia Night: Restaurant and Bar Night

Online event

Hack the planet. Frag the man. Free the world. A gamified computer education event awarding cash donations to community beneficiaries in need. Pwn the night and win cash prizes for your beneficiary! Hacker Trivia Night is an engaging, educational, and fun online event benefiting local charities, small businesses, and neighborhood community groups in the form of a beginner-friendly hacking and cybersecurity game that anyone can play. Form a team with your friends, declare your beneficiary, and log on when the next game starts to win cash prizes from a pool of donations that goes to support those in need. Details at https://hacker-trivia-night.techlearningcollective.com/events/restaurant-and-bar-night

Computer Language Foundations: Command Line Basics

Online event

You have read about people who can talk to machines. Maybe you imagined secret chambers, hidden away behind locked doors, with dark rooms basking in blue from electric fires. Some of these people seemed friendly, others scary, but all of them were powerful. How did they learn to communicate with their computers? This is your chance to learn the foundations of all computer languages, the command line, and actually begin to talk to a machine yourself. Details at https://techlearningcollective.com/events/2020/06/workshop-2020-06-01-computer-language-foundations-command-line-basics

Writing with Blue Fire: Shell Scripting for Beginners

Learn how to inscribe your thoughts, dreams, and desires into your computer and take your command line skills to the next level by learning how to write simple programs called shell scripts. In a way, invoking commands one at a time is like writing a program interactively, whereas writing a script inscribes that knowledge into a more permanent form. By learning how to turn commands into simple scripted programs, you can unlock the almost magical potential of your computer and more easily share that potential with others to whom you distribute your scripts. Details at https://techlearningcollective.com/events/2020/06/workshop-2020-06-03-writing-with-blue-fire-shell-scripting-for-beginners

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Exploring Cyberspace: Network Sniffing and Scanning

Online event

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