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7 PM - 10 PM Wednesday nights at the New York Deli in Carytown, bring your pen and paper gaming group, or join up with any of the ongoing ones! All systems are welcome. All levels of gaming expertise are welcome as well, from veterans of the game to complete beginners.

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Lovers under the waves (Session 51)

New York Deli

With restrictions being lifted, the D and D game night has returned to the New York Deli in Carytown in person. Please take all necessary precautions required for your health if you are not vaccinated against COVID 19.

Always open to existing groups looking for a place to run. We are always looking for more DMs and players. Any new players who wish to join existing groups must be approved by the Dungeon Master/Storyteller.

Currently, there is one group being run, with the players at level 10. This group is considered full at 7 players with the most recent addition of Lea and the return of an older player.

We are always welcoming new and existing groups.

If enough players show up to form a new group, I can offer DMing advice and provide pregenerated characters and an adventure to run through.

Come on out and try playing or DMing! Feel to reach out to me here or on site for tips or more info.

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Return of D and D to NYD!

New York Deli

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