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Introduction Picturae in US & Digitisation of Art Historical Images & IIIF
First provisory program hosted by Picturae Inc. ( 1. Introduction Picturae Inc. as digitisation company for Cultural Heritage. 2. Speaker: Art Historical Images and need for Digitisation (PHAROS member, Pharos Art Research ( PHAROS is an international consortium of fourteen European and North American art historical photo archives committed to creating a digital research platform allowing for comprehensive consolidated access to photo archive images and their associated scholarly documentation. 3. Speaker: IIIF ( (International Image Interoperability Framework™) Access to image-based resources is fundamental to research, scholarship and the transmission of cultural knowledge. Digital images are a container for much of the information content in the Web-based delivery of images, books, newspapers, manuscripts, maps, scrolls, single sheet collections, and archival materials. Yet much of the Internet’s image-based resources are locked up in silos, with access restricted to bespoke, locally built applications. A growing community of the world’s leading research libraries and image repositories have embarked on an effort to collaboratively produce an interoperable technology and community framework for image delivery. 4. Informal get together with drinks/tour at MaNa Fine Arts (

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