For this event you are asked to bring a dish that is eaither mentioned, or would be served to one of the main characters in one of your favorite books. In addition to your dish, you are asked to bring five clues so that other guests can guess which book your dish would appear in. (try to do a book that is not too hard to guess!) Prizes will be given to the two people who guess the most dishes correctly, and a prize for the most creative dish.

For this event you must be willing to prepare at least one Literary themed dish, cocktails or wine is optional as always. We will have some too!

This is a potluck party, but you can do finishing touches in the Apt.

I have a small 7lb hypo allergenic Yorkie Poo named Pepper, he is really sweet and loves people, but if you have an issue with dogs please refrain from RSVPing to this event.

The fine print:

Please pick out what you would like to cook and confirm that you can make this event on the night of Dec 7th. Each cook may bring one non-cook to enjoy the meal!

Cancellations: Please be 100% committed to attending this event, and cancel 48 hours in advance. There is limited space and each member puts in a lot of time, effort, and planning into each of these events. Late cancellations affect the group as a whole. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, or are a no show you could be removed from the group.