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This group is led by Dr. Alden Cass, a clinical psychologist (www.innervisionspsychological.com) who has dealt with many cases involving male executives who have experienced tremendous financial and emotional losses due to divorce and marital affairs. The group members are comprised of male executives who are currently going through the stressors associated with a divorce or are in the planning stages of one, or have just completed one. What: This is a 75 minute process/educational support group of up to 8 individuals where anything goes and executive males may learn tactics or skills to overcome the financial and emotional losses associated with divorce or adultery. New groups will be started with waitlists once the current group is filled. The next meeting is on Tuesday night December 12th at 6 PM in our conference room. The cost is 75$ for non member participants and 50$ for members (those also doing individual therapy with Dr. Cass

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