Meetup with Morten Kromberg of Dyalog

New York Dyalog APL Meetup
New York Dyalog APL Meetup
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119 W 24th St

119 W 24th St · New York, NY

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Alley, 2nd Floor

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6:00-6:30: Time for Networking ----- 6:30-8:00: Morten Kromberg --- New Ways of Working with APL --- When you are busy solving problems, new technology can be an unwelcome distraction - but every now and again technologies appear which have the potential to make development, maintenance or distribution significantly easier. Morten will demonstrate some of the new ways of working with APL that have become available in the last few years, and also discuss likely features in the next couple of releases of Dyalog APL: 17.1 in Q2 of 2019 and 18.0 in 2020. ----- 8:00-8:15 Short Break ----- 8:15-9:00 Paul Mansour: A Git Workflow for APLers. --- Git is great, but the newcomer can easily drown in a sea of commands and options. Git doesn't tell you when or why to branch, when or why to merge or rebase, how to version your project or prepare a release. AcreFlow is a radically simplified Git workflow that answers these questions. It is implemented in Dyalog APL so you can branch, commit, and put out new versions directly from the APL session.