Past Meetup

Digital Omnichannel Commerce: Best practices for e commerce, m-commerce, & more


Digital executives don't have an easy job. The landscape of digital commerce is one that is quickly evolving and often in unpredictable ways. Many of us think we understand e-commerce these days, but are we leveraging all the right channels? We might try responsive design for different mobile formats, but are we optimized to sell? Is anyone still trying to sell on Facebook? Staying on top of what the current path to the win can be its own full-time gig.

Join our panel of experts in the diverse arenas that make up digital commerce today to see how they are building or leveraging the best tools and tricks out there to connect with the shopper and make the sale.

Our panel, still being finalized is slated to have:

A channel partner expert A digital point-of-sale provider A digital fulfillment house A mobile commerce company An email marketing pro The retailer's perspective

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