What we're about

This 2 Day Weekend Workshop Intensive is for people who love Feng Shui and
Asian Energy healing, and for people who are curious about Feng Shui and want to learn more. Feng Shui, or Wind and Water is one of the most ancient paths for living in
harmony with your environment.

FENG SHUI or Wind and Water is the ancient Asian art of placement. Black Sect Tibetan Buddhism Feng Shui is understanding the infinite expressions of CHI
or Universal Life Force energy. When CHI supports your life and flows harmoniously
you experience good health
positive relationships
expansive spiritual path and excellence in all life areas. Feng Shui helps create a dynamic
successful life and beautiful living and work space.In this 5 Week class
you will explore:
CHI: Universal Life Force and its infinite expressions
such as energetic qualities
seasons of the year
times of day
organs and organ systems. YIN and YANG: The infinite dance of Female and Male energies as they express themselves experienced through Feng Shui: Light
Mysterious and Practical
Sun and Moon.
Metal and Water. Learn how they affect you and your home and office and how you can help balance them for a harmonious and successful life.
THE BAGUA: The sacred energy map used to see the 9 Life areas expressed in pre Bon Shamanic Black Sect Tibetan Buddhism Feng Shui: Family
Children Creativity. Helpful Friends. Career. Knowledge. Health. You will learn how/where CHI flows in your home and office
and how you can work with it to create an auspicious life.
COLOR SYSTEMS: There are many paths to working with Color
for example: The 5 ELEMENT COLOR SYSTEM
the Chakra Color System
Bagua Map. Use Color to accelerate results and create success and beauty in your space.
FLOOR PLANS: Through working with the Bagua you will learn to read your own and other people's floor plans. This will help you see areas where Chi is blocked and where you can strengthen your intentions and adjustments for success
and love. You will also learn that each room is a separate Bagua
as well as understanding the complete Bagua of your home or office. By combining the multidimensional aspects of Feng Shui
you will explore the flow of your home and office. You can change the CHI in your space to successfully accelerate your life!
Please bring floor plans of your bedroom
and office. Learn how to transform your life through your environment for Success
Love! Melissa Waite Stamps is a certified professional Feng Shui practitioner and Interior Design Stylist
including home showcasing and space clearing
with a successful Design practice in the NYC metropolitan area. She is featured in articles
radio and television interviews. She believes deeply in Feng Shui as a multi dimensional path of transformation and creating beauty in people’s lives! FENG SHUI: Transform Your Life for Love and Wealth
Contact Melissa Waite Stamps 201-865-3823 MoonGoddess3@earthlink.net


We will explore and learn how to work with and apply:
CHI: Cosmic Life Force that animates all that lives.
Yin and Yang: The separate yet interdependent energies, expressed through female and male,continuously merging expressions of Chi that influence all aspects of life
5 Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and their expression in our living work spaces as well as our physical health and vitality.
Transcendental (Secret) and Practical Feng Shui solutions: Working with furniture position, Color, Light, hanging crystals and wind chime to activate direct Chi for excellent outcomes.
The Bagua: The sacred Feng Shui blueprint that contains all aspects of the Cosmos and
sacred Earth, as expressed through all aspects of mans experience:
Family, Fame, Relationships, Children, Future, Helpful Friends , Career, Knowledge.Spirituality and Health.
Feng Shui is a beautiful, dynamic and spiritual path that can transform your living and
We will work with your individual floor plans so you can apply these ancient and modern techniques of transforming your life, living and work for success and a dynamic life!

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