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This is a meetup group for everyone who wants to meet new friends through dance lessons and social events. After all - dance is a great ice-breaker. Join if you don't want to be on the dance floor alone :)

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[FREE Online] Learn How To Dance Confidently At Clubs, Parties, Weddings

Check out the current schedule + Register here: https://www.getdanceonline.com/masterclass

I’m going to be hosting a special training that I really don't want you to miss!

This is going to be packed with actionable content and is designed to help you develop your dance skills (even if you have 0 dance experience) to build confidence for dancing in social settings.

And if you’re wondering what I’m going to be teaching, you’ll learn:

🎼 Rhythm - how to find the beat in any song and move to it

🕺 Developing your freestyle skills so you can blend in with other people on the dance floor without looking funny

💾 How to have hundreds of movements to choose from without having to memorize all of them


- Where is taking place? How can I join?
This is an online lesson. Once you register, you'll be able to join online. Spots are limited.

- Do I need a webcam?
Only my webcam and mic will be on.

- Is it free to attend?

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