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Escape Zoom! (Online Escape Room & More)

Online event


*FOR TICKETS - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/escape-zoom-online-escape-room--murder-mystery-event/dates/ (Ticket link times are EASTERN STANDARD) WHAT TO EXPECT: Come experience the revolutionary online event that's taking Meetup by storm! Escape Zoom is the ultimate online experience that combines the best aspects of escape rooms, murder mysteries and trivia nights into one awesome event! Use your wits, detective skills and trivia knowledge to find clues and solve puzzles. It has been called, "The most fun you'll ever have from home!". Get ready to be transported to an exciting world of puzzles and mysteries to solve. A question we get a lot is, "If I've been to an Escape Zoom event in the past, can I do it again? Will it be the same event?". The answer to that is... Each event has a theme (ie. Time Bomb, Murder At The Ball, Back To The 80s & 90s, etc.). As long as it's a different theme/name than you've done in the past, you're all good and the event will have completely different puzzles/questions. *QUICK NOTE: THIS IS A MULTI MEETUP GROUP EVENT. 10 OTHER MEETUP GROUPS HAVE ALSO BEEN INVITED SO WE'RE EXPECTING A GREAT TURNOUT. THE EVENT PRICE WILL BE GOING UP AS SPOTS FILL UP AND WE GET CLOSER TO EVENT TIME. IF ONE TIME SLOT OR THEME IS SOLD OUT YOU CAN SELECT ANOTHER. HOW IT WORKS: After you register for a ticket you'll be given a link that to a Zoom event DAY OF THE EVENT. Our live, friendly host/game master will welcome you and make quick introductions among the group. You'll be in a Zoom room with between 10 and 20 other people and will be segmented into smaller teams. The team to solve the most puzzles/questions wins a prize! If you have friends who sign up as well you can ask to be put on the same team (Typically about 70% of people sign up on their own and 30% sign up with friends so you'll have fun whether you sign up alone or with friends). The event is so much fun and usually sparks new friendships! SPACE IS LIMITED AND SPOTS FILL UP FAST SO WE RECOMMEND SIGNING UP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: "Wow! That was crazy intense. My heart was racing a mile a minute." - Alex M. "This should be on everyone's bucket list. I can't even explain how much fun I had." - Jasmine R. "Awesomely fun! Every time you solve something you get a huge adrenaline rush." - Douglas H. *REGISTER AT - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/escape-zoom-online-escape-room--murder-mystery-event/dates/ (once you purchase, you'll receive an e-ticket receipt confirming your registration. Don't worry if you're listed on Meetup as "unpaid". As long as you paid, you're in!).

Murder Mystery & Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Online event

*TO ATTEND REGISTER AT - https://dljparty.ticketleap.com/murder-mystery--scavenger-hunt/dates/ (Online game limited to 20 people and this sells out quickly. Multiple Meetup groups are co-organizing so the RSVP's shown are just a small portion of the total members attending). Join our most popular Murder Mystery & Scavenger Hunt! It's an awesome alternative to regular online events and a great way to meet and socialize with others in a safe, fun and unique way! We will put you together with others to trace the crimes which will give you clues to solve what happened. No experience or prior knowledge is needed. The story: Bobby and Lizzy were tired of the Covid lock downs in NYC. They had enough of quarantines and decided to drive across America to get some fresh air and see the sights. As they traveled they got more frustrated to see that things weren’t much different across the country. Somehow their innocent adventure turned them into a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. You will follow their travels and see how they wound up becoming outlaws. All of the American authorities are on the look out for them and you can help! How it works: Register for a ticket and we will send you the Zoom link DAY OF THE EVENT (if you don't see it, please check your spam folder). Once logged in your host will explain the rules and randomly split you into teams (unless you have a team already). If you are registering with someone that will be sharing your Zoom log in please select 2 tickets (or more if you have multiple people playing with you). When the hunt starts we will email the clues page and you will start your online journey. Each group will have 30 minutes to find as many clues as possible. You will use those clues to piece together the answer to the mystery. What do I need? Computer with webcam or tablet/smartphone Can I attend alone? Right now 95% of those participating attend alone. How many are expected? This is a multi-group event so don't pay attention to RSVPs. Most of our virtual events have up to 20 participants unless otherwise specified. How much? $15-$20 depending upon how early you register (and # of spots are available) *P.S. Event organizers are being hit especially hard. We continue to work hard to create fun virtual events for you to participate in and meet new people. We appreciate your support during this trying time.

!! Adventures with Art. An Artistic Deep Dive AKA: A Decent Docent Descent .

Last week was our first Deep Dive. To start out with a good splash we visited to The D'Orsay https://artsandculture.google.com/streetview/musée-d’orsay-paris/KQEnDge3UJkVmw With a focus on this part of the collections https://artsandculture.google.com/search/asset/?p=musee-dorsay-paris&em=m015r61 And then after an intermission we whisked off to San Diego Museum of Art for a nice walk in the sun of California Plein Air https://www.sdmart.org/sdma-360-tour/ https://www.kcet.org/shows/departures/the-california-plein-air-movement All in all a fun social evening where we accidentally learn something together. So we are gonna do it again. Different place. Different theme. Schedule 7:00-8:00 pm: Open Arrival and Open Social. Chit and Chat 7:45-8:00 pm: A little bit of Intro. 8:00-8:45 pm: Location ONE 8:45-9:15 pm: Intermission and Refreshments. Chit and Chat 9:15-10:00 pm: Location TWO What does that mean? It means the main program will start sharp at 8PM. You will need to be ready to go and there BEFORE 8. Ideally . . . you should be there at least by 7:45PM. However . . . The ZOOM will be open starting at 7. Folks will be there and be social and chit and chat. (Spoiler alert: the social thing is kinda important). OK . . . How do I get to go? To Join The Event you MUST fill out this form/link so we have your correct email to email you the Zoom Link on the day of the event. It also asks some other things too. https://forms.gle/HNScXcdCmVeAAJbKA To Join The Event you MUST fill out this form/link (Yes. We did say this twice) This is all sounds great. How much does it cost? Oh yes . . . The cost is FREE! That's a bargain even at twice the price!!!! So why not splurge and come and share your time with us. I know. You just read this whole thing and you are saying to yourself . . ."Self, . . . exactly what will they be covering or doing?" And the answer is simple. at 7:45 we will do some intros of where/what, and at 8 we dive right in. For an online event hopefully you will feel as if you have visited far off places and times. And maybe even see yourself in the those places and scenes. We have been watching other artsy fartsy things being done. They tend to be essentially a power point. When it says "lecture" you better run!! There is no dynamic discussion or engagement. No interaction and no social. AND . . . Most of all . . you really don't visit a place or meet the other people. Just like anything else we do . . . ours will be different. We will come out the other side richer for the experience. Yes. This does mean there is no canned script. Wait!! I just read this and I still do not know where to go. When will I know what places? On the day of the event you will get an email 2 or 3 hours before the event. It will give all that info, plus some other zingers too. For those not aware I do have classical art training, as well as years of working within the art industry with curators, conservators, collectors, artists, museums, studios and institutions. So we will make this all very worthwhile. Our last one had about 70 folks show. Super fun. This event is cross posted to several like-minded groups. The main place coordinating is https://www.meetup.com/NewYorkIsMyOyster/events/275801096/ Good idea to RSVP there as that's where any good comments and conversations get posted. Join us in this Art Adventure Social Soiree. Make some friends while learning and sharing, and sharing some learning. IF you went to our last one you do not need to re-fill-out the google form.

Twisted Trivia Happy Hour (Win Prizes!)

Online event

*REGISTER AT - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/twisted-trivia-party-tickets-131390810451 (*Ticket times are Eastern Standard. This sells out fast and we have limited spots available) Grab a cocktail and/or your favorite snack because we're putting a fun twist on trivia and bringing the party to your home! Plus, you can WIN PRIZES! HOW IT WORKS: Once you sign up, you'll be given a link to join a party of other people via video. All you need is a laptop, phone or tablet to take part in the event. You'll enjoy an evening of fun trivia. We balance the questions making sure there are plenty of different topics and difficulty levels so everyone will have a great time! Our friendly host will be with you live via video on Zoom orchestrating the most fun trivia event you've ever been to! During the event you'll get to see all of the other participants via video. The event host will then pair you off into smaller teams and you'll be playing as a team against the other groups. You're welcome to join with friends or sign up alone and we'll put you on a team. Typically about 75% of the crowd signs up on their own so don't worry if you're by yourself! It's actually a fantastic way to meet new people and we've witnessed countless friendships sparked at this event. In fact, the host gives everyone the opportunity to swap contact info with other people in the group at the end of the night if they'd like to. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THE EVENT: "I love trivia and this was one of the most exciting trivia nights I've ever been to." - Robert N. "The questions were unique and interesting. Thanks for organizing such a great event!" - Charlene S. "That was an absolute blast! By the end of the event I had already made some new friends" - Laura D. "It was the best time I've had in a long time. The host did a fantastic job" - David M. FAQ: If I have friends or family members that don't live with me, can they be put on a team with me? Yes! We'd say about 65% of participants sign up on their own but if you have any friends or family members that want to join, they can too (simply message the host at the beginning of the event and ask to be placed on the same team as them). If you have someone in the same household as you, they are welcome to sit next to you and play along with you but each device needs to purchase their own ticket. *No more than 2 people can share the same device/screen. If I attended a past event with you, can I sign up for this one? Yes, In fact we never use repeat questions feel free to sign up with as many of our upcoming events as you'd like! How do I join the event? After you sign up on to Eventbrite we will send you a link with an invitation to join the event on Zoom. We'll send you that link by the day of the event. If for some reason you don't see an email from us by the event date, make sure to check your spam folder. What is the age range? All ages are welcome. We usually have a good mix of ages. How many will be participating? We expect between 15 and 25 people.

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