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Free Event: Game of Thrones "Long Winter" Survival Get Together
This is just a little get together for us to socialize and share various ideas of events we can do while awaiting the start of the next season of Game of Thrones. So far the drought from last year has been awful. So to survive this fall without Thrones we need all of your best ideas. Feel free to bring small snacks, soda, and finger food to share with everyone. But please NO ALCOHOL allowed. Please feel free to post some of your ideas on this comment page so that everyone has a chance to consider the pros and cons of said events. Also, if any of you guys want to share some favorite clips the room has a screen larger than our old Valerian one. WeWork has generously allowed us to use the space which is only a few short blocks down from our old Valerian Steel building (which has now been deconstructed like the Wall). It is a smaller space than most of us are used to (about the same size as our old Valerian Steel room) and there are some stricter rules than many of are used to. The room is smaller so that we are under less pressure to produce a crowd (out of season no less!). Later we'll add some more information about the rules- (Such as you must present a valid state ID to gain entrance to this building). If we don't have enough people registered as the event approaches, we will be forced to cancel so that another group can use the room. (We'll give more details about this as the event approaches).


79 Madison Ave Room 3A · New York, ny


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This group is for the fans of Game of Thrones who are looking for something to keep them occupied during the Long Night between now and the New Season!! This group is also about creating enjoyable in-season environments where true fans of the show and books can freely discuss the wonderful world of Westeros, and freely discuss theories of where the show and books differ, and where they will take our favorite characters next, without some half-wit screaming "It's a spoiler!" every ten minutes even though we're discussing last week's episode! If this sounds like your kind of group then please join us! (P.S. if you are beginning to suffer GOT withdrawal symptoms, a great emergency survival technique is to read the Tales of Dunk and Egg: start with The Hedge Knight).

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