What we're about

* What your Meetup Group is about

Anyone who are interested in learning Korean and Korean culture are welcome. The purpose of this group is having a group lesson with other people who in the similar level and practicing together. Although it is for everyone, We prefer to have more serious learners.

* Who should join:

Anyone who wants to improve their Korean skills. You will learn Korean step by step while you practice, share your skills with other learners.

* Why they should join: To learn, share, or have fun

* What members can expect:

Get together as a big group once in a while when we have enough people. We will socialize, practice your Korean while we mingle. The regular class will be a small group as minimum as 3 to 6 as maximum. So you will be more actively participating and getting semi private lessons.

For the members, we will share our questions and ideas on a group page. I also update a video or voice file to learn quick fun phrase you can easily speak and use to your Korean friends such as quotes from Korean dramas and shows.

If you would like to improve your Korean speaking, reading and grammar for your job, family or jut for fun, please join us for our group lessons.

It will be the small groups or bigger groups learning together. Also we may have a group meetup just to socialize each other once in a while.

Please, contact me at MyKoreanLessonTutor@gmail.com if you have any questions!

Here is our Facebook group. Please, feel free to join :)


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