Kotlin Meetup - Blockchain & Coroutine Channels and Flows


The next NYC Kotlin Meetup will be happening on Wednesday August 7th 2019 at Vimeo - 555 W 18th St.


Channels & Flows - Mohit Sarveiya

In this talk, Mo will present on how to use constructs such as actors, channels and flows in use cases. These use cases are modeling streams with channels and flows and using actors to ensure one concurrent job is running. Channels and Flows are experimental features that allow us to represent a stream of data. Flows represent a cold stream whereas a Channel is like a hot observable. We’ll dive into these topics.

Blockchain / Corda - Flavio Almeida

An overview of a Decentralized Application written in Kotlin, from a perspective of architecture, code and deployment. Flavio will present the StreetWire real estate application built on Kotlin using R3's Corda open source platform deployed on Microsoft Azure, exploring the workings of the blockchain, Corda's framework, Kotlin code and technical aspects of the application. He also will share his experience as a participant of several Blockchain projects, most of them written in Corda, a blockchain platform that allows developers to code decentralized apps in Java or Kotlin.

Location: Thank you to Vimeo for hosting and providing food and drinks. When you arrive someone will be at the entrance checking ids and directing you where to go.

Speaker Bios:

Mohit Sarveiya is a Kotlin advocate and Android Engineer. He was an early adopter of Kotlin. He has given many talk on Kotlin at meetups and conferences.

Flavio is the Technology Lead at Streetwire, responsible for defining the architecture and building the solutions that are targeting the future of the real estate market. Prior to StreetWire, he worked for Itau Unibanco (a Brazilian bank) in Brazil and NY where for 3 years he was part of the Blockchain Center of Excellence and a Blockchain working group in the Federation of Banks in Brazil, being involved in several DLT projects in collaboration with other banks.

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