Kotlin Meetup - Jetpack Compose, KaMP & Contributing Kotlin Samples to JetBrains

New York Kotlin Meetup
New York Kotlin Meetup
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The next NYC Kotlin Meetup will be happening on Wednesday February 19th, 2020 at Venmo - 117 Barrow Street, 5th floor.


Jetpack Compose -- Pedro Veloso

This talk will offer a hands-on approach on building a fully functional material looking application with Jetpack Compose, by using its existing components.

Talk 2 -- Contributing Kotlin Samples to JetBrains -- Adam McNeilly and Brian Plummer

One of the greatest feelings as a developer, or as a person in general, is being able to give back to a community that's helped you. As Android developers, we have a great opportunity to do just that with the Kotlin language. In this talk, we'll go over how to find easy ways to help, and walk you through the process to make your first contribution.

Talk 3 -- KaMP -- Kevin Galligan

Touchlab has released a toolkit for getting started with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile technology. It’s a self-contained GitHub project that you can use as a starting point or for evaluating the technology.

Location: Thank you to Venmo for hosting and providing food and drinks. When you arrive someone will be at the entrance checking ids and directing you where to go.

Speaker Bios:

Pedro Veloso currently works at Button in NYC as software engineer. He previously worked at Audible and various startups, across different business domains. He has been dealing with Android since the early days of the OS, and has had an active role in helping shape the community for mobile development back when he lived in Portugal.

Brian has been passionate about making Android applications amazing for over 9 years. He started his Android career working for TouchLab, then The New York Times, followed by Nike's s23NYC innovation lab, and is currently at OkCupid. He enjoys speaking about Android at conferences and meetups.

Adam is a Software Engineer, Android enthusiast, and pun aficionado. He fell in love with Android when he picked it up as a hobby in 2013 and he's been staying on top of the latest trends and contributing to open source projects ever since. Adam also strives to be an active member of the developer community - traveling the world to attend and speak at hackathons and conferences to both educate and learn from others in the community.

Kevin Galligan is a Partner at Touchlab. He has been coding Android since before the G1. He runs both the largest Android meetup in NYC and Droidcon NYC. He is currently obsessed with platform convergence topics.

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