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Do you want to practice speaking English with Americans?

Do you want to have fun in New York?

New York Language & Culture is a group where you can speak lots of English and participate in different events in New York.

Many of my international friends tell me that they don't know any Americans, so they don't have any chances to speak with natives. Also, the only stuff they know about New York and American culture is what they read online and see in the movies. They want to meet natives, but don't know how!

In this group, you can speak English with Americans and people from other countries, and we can take you around New York City.

I'm Jad Valentín, an ESL teacher and licensed NYC tour guide. If you want to enjoy New York and speak English, join this group! You can also share your language and culture with the members of this group.

Most events are hosted in Manhattan and Queens and are easy to get to.

If you are American and want to join this group, welcome! You can practice foreign languages with the members and learn about their culture.

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